Labor congratulates Karen Andrews MP on her appointment today as Minister for Industry, Science and Technology.
Karen Andrews is the 6th Coalition Minister for Industry and Science in only five years.

But the return of the Industry and Science portfolios to the Cabinet – which were previously dumped by Turnbull – seems to have come at the expense of the Innovation portfolio, which now sees its turn outside the cabinet room. 
Under Tony Abbott, the word “innovation” was all but banned. Then, under Malcolm Turnbull it briefly became almost compulsory.
Karen Andrews’ appointment today will provide little confidence to industry or the scientists and researchers who support industry.    
The Liberals chaos and division has produced nothing but a revolving door of Ministers for this portfolio.   
Every Minister has stood by the horror cuts of the 2014 Budget which saw $3 billion cut from science, research and innovation. 

Nothing can patch up the division and chaos inside the Liberal Party – the only way to end this is with an election.

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