Toyota’s hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai, will be on display at Parliament House today, showcasing new technologies that can be on Australian roads if the Government backs innovation in the automotive industry.


The Toyota Mirai is a hybrid vehicle fuelled on hydrogen gas, making it a zero emissions vehicle with the only exhaust being water vapour. The vehicle is in Australia for testing in local conditions.

The Mirai is already on sale in Japan and will be available in the USA and Europe before the end of the year. With the right infrastructure and government policies in place it could soon be available in Australia.

For Australia to introduce a more modern, high tech and low-emissions vehicle like the Mirai, industry and governments must work together to support the uptake of new technologies.

Unlike the Abbott/Turnbull Government, the Japanese Government understands the strategic importance of its automotive industry and has invested in infrastructure and consumer incentives which have played a significant role in the uptake of alternative fuel technologies.

The Senate Economics References Committee is currently holding an inquiry into the future of Australia’s automotive industry, including investigating the role of new technologies such as hydrogen, electric and hybrid engines.

The Committee’s interim report urges government to work with all stakeholders to develop policies to sustain an internationally competitive Australian automotive industry beyond the announced shutdowns of the motor vehicle producers in 2016 and 2017.

The development of new automotive technologies and alternative fuels has enormous potential to grow more high-tech, high skill jobs in Australia.

The Abbott/Turnbull Government must work with industry to maintain Australia’s world-class automotive capabilities, attract new investment and create new jobs.

Australia will have an automotive industry beyond 2017. Government policy will determine its size and its scope. 

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