Reports today demonstrate that the Liberal’s plan to introduce $100,000 degrees will actually be a cost to the Budget over time.


Shadow Minister for Higher Education Senator Kim Carr said the analysis by NATSEM (National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling) is deeply concerning.


“So determined is this Liberal National Government in pursuing an ideological agenda, they are willing to impose greater costs on the Commonwealth Budget, as well as Australian students.”

“It just shows how short-sighted and fiscally irresponsible the Abbott Government is, so hell-bent on these unfair and unnecessary plans for $100,000 degrees, that they will risk damaging the Budget over the medium and long term.”


“The Government’s 20 per cent cut in funding for universities and the deregulation of fees, will saddle students with a lifetime of debt, and fuel inflation pressures in the economy.”


“This demonstrates yet again that neither the Prime Minister, the Treasurer and the Education Minister understand the Budget or the economy given one of the central measures they have been claiming to be critical to budget repair will actually lead to a massive cost blowout.”


“It is beyond time to drop these unfair and unnecessary changes and go back to the drawing board,” Senator Carr said.


Shadow Assistant Minister for Higher Education Amanda Rishworth said the best way grow our economy is to ensure that young Australians aren’t faced with a debt sentence as result of the Government’s $100,000 degrees.


“Australia cannot afford to price millions of young people out of a university degree and out of a good job.”


“Labor believes hard work and good marks should be the only criteria for university, not how much debt you’re willing to take on.”


“The Commonwealth Government currently writes off $1 billion a year in bad debt; a figure that is likely to rise significantly under the Liberals’ plan for $100,000 degrees.”


“Tony Abbott should scrap his unfair plan – based on a broken promise – to Americanise our universities.”


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