Malcolm Turnbull must use the upcoming Mid-Year Economic Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) statement to come clean about what further cuts he will be making to Australian Universities.


The Abbott/Turnbull Liberals are still wedded to their ideological pursuit of university deregulation and $100,000 degrees. 


Despite his much hyped emphasis on innovation, science and research, Malcolm Turnbull has done nothing to restore any of the $5 billion the Liberals have stripped out of universities over the past two years.


Since toppling Tony Abbott, the new Prime Minister has been doing a lot of talking without much action. MYEFO is the perfect opportunity for Malcolm Turnbull to come clean with the Australian people about his plans for higher education.


After two years of chaos and dysfunction and the eventual decision by the Liberals to delay – not dump – their deregulation package, Australian universities and students have a right to know what the Liberals plan to do next.   


Shadow Minister for Higher Education, Senator Kim Carr, said Malcolm Turnbull must once and for all reveal whether he stands by his cuts to universities and plans for $100,000 degrees when MYEFO is released later this month.


"Malcolm Turnbull's plan to charge students $100,000 for a university degree has successfully united students, parents, academics, universities and peak bodies in their opposition to this unfair plan from an out of touch Prime Minister."


Shadow Assistant Minister for Higher Education Amanda Rishworth said Australian students have already fought off the Abbott/Turnbull Government’s attempts to burden them with a lifetime of debt; now the Liberals want to slug them with a 15 per cent GST as well.      


"Labor believes that students should be able to go to university without the prospect of the $100,000 debt and a 15 per cent GST applied to everything. That’s why we have a positive plan for Australian universities that will see them have secure, predictable and sustainable funding."  


MYEFO is an opportunity for Malcolm Turnbull to reveal his plans for higher education. Australians deserve to know the truth.

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