Malcolm Turnbull last night confirmed that the Liberals will impose university deregulation and slug students with $100,000 degrees.

“What we will seek to do is to offer the universities the ability to deregulate fees, if you like, for a small number of flagship courses so that they can compete,”

Malcolm Turnbull, Facebook Debate, 17 June 2016

This just confirmed what has been the worst kept secret of this election campaign.

 “I think it is fair for students to make a greater contribution.”

Malcolm Turnbull, Sunrise, Channel Seven, 4 May 2016

The Turnbull Government will deregulate university fees - their policy paper clearly says so - $100,000 degrees became more of a certainty on budget night, not less.

Last night Malcolm Turnbull removed any doubt.  

If the Liberals win they will seek to impose $100,000 degrees and the deregulation of Australian universities.

The figures in the Budget make it clear that the Liberals plan to:

  • Cut university funding by 20 per cent;

  • Slug students with $100,000 degrees;

  • Create a two-tiered university system that will see students paying more;

  • Americanise higher education at taxpayer expense;

  • Lower the HECS HELP repayment threshold which will see students repaying their debt well before they can afford to do so; and

  • Deny Australians access to financial support to go to university if they are not in the workforce or retired.  

There is a yawning chasm between Labor’s positive plan for universities without, and the Liberals’ plan to strip universities of funding and hit students with unfair and unnecessary $100,000 degrees and a lifetime of debt.

Under the Liberals all students will pay more.  Pay more in higher tuition fees.  Pay more in radically higher HECS re-payments.

Only Labor has a plan to properly fund universities over the coming decade and avoid the unfair and unnecessary imposition on students of soaring fees and debt.

Labor's positive plan will:

  1. Introduce a new Student Funding Guarantee, which will deliver $2,500 more per student than the Liberals, and remove the need for higher fees and a lifetime of debt.

  2. Increase the number of students completing their study by 20,000 graduates a year from 2020.

  3. Invest $31 million in Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency to boost the quality of teaching and resources in our universities.

  4. Establish an independent Higher Education Productivity and Performance Commission to ensure graduates meet the needs of the future economy.

  5. Offer a Startup Year at university to young Australians looking to start their own enterprise.

  6. Boost the number of young Australians taking up STEM courses at university as well as offering 25,000 Teach STEM Scholarships and upskilling 25,000 teachers.

  7. Introduce a Higher Education Access and Growth Strategy to improve outcomes for low income students, students from rural and regional areas, Indigenous students and first generation migrants, students with disabilities and other disadvantage students.

  8. Deliver more information for parents and students so they can make good decisions about university.

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