The Liberals may have changed their leader, but their unfair and unnecessary plan for $100,000 university degrees remains a part of their DNA.

Malcolm Turnbull unambiguously supported the Liberals’ cuts and broken promises of the last two years, including burdening Australian students with a lifetime of debt:

I support unreservedly and wholeheartedly every element in the Budget. Every single one.”

“I support the reforms to higher education.”

Malcom Turnbull, 2GB – 5 June 2014

Every member of the Liberal Government has been unyielding in their commitment to a 20 per cent funding cut and a university fee deregulation policy that will inevitably lead to $100,000 degrees and burden young Australians with a lifetime of debt.

Malcom Turnbull was a key member of the Cabinet that decidedto cut more than $5 billion from Australian universities and subject them to an ideological agenda.

The Australian people and the Senate have made it clear that they oppose university cuts and fee deregulation. 

Labor will continue to fight Malcom Turnbull’s plan to Americanise Australia’s higher education system and introduce $100,000 degrees.

Only Labor is committed to a fair, sustainable, high quality university system that ensures young Australians get a degree, not a debt sentence.  

Australian students and families don’t need another Liberal leader – they need a change of Government.

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