Senate Estimates has today revealed that the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) cannot determine whether all graduates of Vocation Ltd and their subsidiary companies are actually fully qualified.


In its testimony today, ASQA confirm that graduates of courses such as Health Support Services, and Early Childhood Education may not be competent in their qualification.



ASQA Chief Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer Chris Robinson, told Senate Estimates: 



“I can’t answer the question as to whether all those people are fully competent, who have been through those RTOs in the past.” 


ASQA also told the committee that the authority has concerns about the quality of assessments across the board in the aged care training sector and has no capacity to rectify the issue.


In recent months the Victorian Government has audited Vocation Ltd and its subsidiary companies and found major compliance issues. The Government instructed Vocation Ltd to revoke 1,000 qualifications and return $8 million in public funding.


ASQA, on the other hand, who also audited Vocation Ltd saw no need to take any action or investigate further.        


ASQA admitted that it could not regulate students or have confidence that they were competent in their qualification. 


We need to have confidence that unqualified people trained by non-compliant providers are not entering care-based industries such as aged care, childcare and the health system.


This evidence is very concerning.  We need to ensure that vulnerable people such as the sick, the elderly and our children are cared for by properly trained professionals. 





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