I am honoured to be re-appointed Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.


I look forward to working with my fellow Shadow Assistant Ministers, Nick Champion MP and Tim Hammond MP, in these portfolios.


I will continue to advocate the central importance of innovation in building the new Australia, one that is richer, fairer and greener.


For Labor, innovation policy applies not just to a small section of the economy, but to every enterprise. It applies not just to industry, but to universities and TAFEs, research institutes, the public service and the community sector.


At the centre of Labor’s policy is a commitment to Australia as a science nation, as an entrepreneurial nation and an advanced manufacturing nation. These are different facets of the same initiative, directed at the same objective – our future national prosperity.


This philosophy is championed at the very top, by Labor’s leader Bill Shorten.


Innovation has long been at the heart of my parliamentary work and I am delighted to have the opportunity to continue prosecuting Labor’s progressive and positive agenda in this portfolio

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