Outstanding Australian research is at serious risk thanks to the Liberals’ $328 million of cuts, revealed today in their mid-year economic update.

Australian researchers have produced some incredible inventions such as the cochlear ear implant, WiFi, and a vaccine for cervical cancer.  

But the Liberals’ cuts will damage Australia’s capacity to make exciting new discoveries, and create the industries of the future.

These cuts to the research block grants scheme will cost jobs at Australian universities and research institutes.

Today’s research cuts come on top of the Liberals’ $2.2 billion of university cuts. 

Only Labor will ensure our universities have a secure future.  Our nearly $10 billion investment will see an extra 200,000 Australians get the opportunity of a university education. 

Science, Research and Innovation budget tables, released in October, showed the Liberals have reduced spending on science, research and innovation by $1.1 billion in real terms — a cut of 10 per cent over the past five years.

The Abbott/Turnbull/Morrison Government talks a big book on science and research, but the facts are very different. Bill Shorten has declared that if Labor wins the federal election, which must be held within the next six months, we will end the Coalition’s war on science and research.

Labor understands that universities, science and research are fundamental to Australia’s future.

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