In less than 12 months Christopher Pyne has delivered three rounds of job losses at ASC, with 372 shipbuilders losing their jobs at Osborne.    
Christopher Pyne has let down the workers at Osborne, South Australia, and the Australian shipbuilding industry. He has shown exactly what his promises are worth.   

A year ago, the Minister promised:
“The valley of death is over and we are now seeing an upturn in employment in naval shipbuilding in our state that will only continue to increase as these new projects gain momentum.”
On 11 December 2017, he announced:

“We are stabilising the shipbuilding workforce … things are truly on the up at Osborne.”

Only two weeks ago the Prime Minister said at Henderson in Western Australia that:
“Our defence industry plan is delivering.”
It’s clear to the entire world what a promise from this divided, unstable and illegitimate excuse for a government is worth: nothing.
Every jobs promise the Liberals make results in workers losing their jobs.

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