After months of insisting that there is job security at the Osborne shipyards Christopher Pyne has let down South Australia once again as 93 more jobs are set to go from ASC.   

The Government’s actions on naval shipbuilding continue to belie its words.

On 16 October last year the Minister for Defence Industry announced:
“The valley of death is over and we are now seeing an upturn in employment in naval shipbuilding in our state that will only continue to increase as these new projects gain momentum”
The minister’s hollow promises kept on coming. On 11 December 2017, Mr Pyne issued another media release in which he declared:
“We are stabilising the shipbuilding workforce … things are truly on the up at Osborne.”
But in the past eight months we have seen nothing but job shedding at ASC’s Osborne shipyard in SA.
In April 2018, ASC announced that 223 jobs would go, and it has followed that bad news with today’s announcement.   
Evasions and deceptions are par for the course for this Government when it comes to shipbuilding jobs.
The shipyard workers at Osborne should not be made pawns in this tawdry political game to save marginal seats.
When it comes to shipbuilding jobs, this government simply cannot be trusted.

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