Pyne’s perfidious plan to promote $100,000 degrees

Education Minister Christopher Pyne has been exposed once again making misleading statements - the third time in three days - this time regarding his plans to use taxpayer money to fund an advertising campaign for his failed higher education package.


There are revelations this afternoon that plans for the advertising are at an advanced stage, with the Government having already focus-testing television, newspaper and social media advertisements.

This is a scandalous waste of public money for a plan which has been voted down in the Senate, overwhelmingly rejected by the people, and faces very dim prospects of getting through the Parliament in its latest guise.


Contract documents on AusTender show the Abbott Government has been working on focus group research since early October.


These revelations contradict Mr Pyne’s claims yesterday that the Government would ‘look at’ the option of an ‘education campaign’ and that the proposal for such a campaign came from Senator Madigan – a claim he has since denied in no uncertain terms.


One of the things that Senator Madigan asked for was that an education campaign be run by the Government to quell some of the concerns that people have the community.


We'll look at that of course.

– Christopher Pyne, Press Conference, 3 December 2014


Unequivocally, I never called for an advertising campaign using taxpayers' money and I would never support [such] a measure.

- Senator John Madigan, Australian Financial Review, 4 December 2014


Under the Abbott Government’s unfair higher education plan A, universities stood to lose 20 per cent of their funding for undergraduate places.


Under the Abbott Government’s unfair higher education plan B, universities still stand to lose 20 per cent of their funding for undergraduate places.


The rotten core of the Abbott Government’s higher education package has not changed.


The public already knows enough about the Government’s plans for $100,000 degrees, a lifelong debt sentence, reduced opportunity for poorer, rural, regional and mature-age students, and has concluded it is fundamentally unfair.

No amount of false, taxpayer-funded advertising by the Abbott Government will change this.


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