The Abbott Government must immediately cease its $14.6 million higher education propaganda campaign after the Senate rejected its unfair plan for $100,000 degrees for the second time last week.

The Minister for Education was never able to justify spending taxpayers’ money on his misleading political campaign.

Now that his last fig leaf of credibility has been stripped away, he must do the right thing and stop the ads.

On all available evidence there is no indication the Senate will support deregulation if it is presented a third time.

In January, Christopher “the fixer” Pyne set himself a March deadline to finally pass the legislation:

If the Senate votes against it the Senate will have expressed its will and not wanted to have any microeconomic reform. The status quo will remain.  

[Christopher Pyne, Press Conference, 28 January 2015]

The March deadline has passed, the Senate has expressed its will, but Christopher Pyne has been unable to keep his word and abandon his unfair and unnecessary plan for $100,000 degrees.

Mr Pyne needs to fix this mess now by dropping his perfidious pursuit of $100,000 degrees and this $14.6 million propaganda campaign. 

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  • Damien Harkin
    commented 2015-03-25 09:35:25 +1100
    Whatever money is left from the $14.6 Million should be set aside for additional ECR grants through NH&MRC and ARC.