Education Minister Christopher Pyne is again playing mean and tricky games with Australian universities, with vice-chancellors across Australia told to base their budgets for 2016 on the Minister’s twice-defeated plan for $100,000 degrees.


Universities are bewildered by Mr Pyne’s crude brinksmanship with the Australian Senate.


They are sick of getting caught in the crossfire as he again attempts to blackmail the crossbench to pass his unfair bill.

There is no evidence that Senators are willing to shift their stance against $100,000 degrees.

Christopher Pyne needs to accept reality and deliver certainty to Australian universities and students rather than forcing the Senate to vote down his package for a third time.

In January, Australians were told the changes would be dumped if the Senate did not pass the legislation by the end of March. 

When March came and the Senate rejected the plan, we were told that the Parliament would see the bill again in its winter sitting.

That didn’t happen, and now it has been pushed back to the spring sitting in August.

There will be no third-time-lucky for Christopher Pyne’s defunct package.

Instead of withholding funds and pinning its Budget on hypotheticals, the Abbott Government must end the chaos by giving Australia’s world-class universities the resources they need to stay that way.

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