Doorstop interview, Parliament House


SUBJECT/S: Leaked modelling confirms $100,000 degrees a reality; Labor staunchly against unfair higher education changes.

SENATOR KIM CARR, SHADOW MINISTER FOR HIGHER EDUCATION, RESEARCH, INNOVATION AND INDUSTRY: We see in the Fairfax press leaked modelling which demonstrates that what Labor’s been saying all along about the Government’s changes to universities is correct. The $100,000 degree is very much a reality under this government’s proposals.

What we see from the information that’s been provided in the Fairfax press today is that the big, wealthy universities are the big winners out of these changes, and the big losers are rural and regional students. The big losers are people that live in the outer suburbs, people who live in our major provincial cities and people who live in the country.

This is a government that has turned its back on social justice, that’s turned its back on fairness. This is a government that seems to want to impose upon this country an idea that a university degree should be a debt sentence – $100,000 degrees are very much a reality under Mr Pyne.

The Labor Party will oppose this every inch of the way. And the Group of Eight, who are here today, will hear that directly from us, because these changes are unfair, the people of Australia did not vote for them and they will be rejected, I hope, by the Australian Senate.

Thank you.


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