The Liberal Government may have changed its Education Minister but it remains committed to its ideological pursuit of university deregulation and $100,000 degrees.


The Liberals’ unfair and unnecessary plan for $100,000 degrees is part of their DNA.

Regardless of who is Prime Minister and who is Education Minister, Australian students can be certain of one thing: under a Liberal Government their access to education will suffer.


Having failed as Education Minister, Christopher Pyne is jumping ship to Industry, Innovation and Science; it now falls to Senator Birmingham to clean up his deregulation disaster.


The Liberals need to realise that the only way to fix the mess made by Mr Pyne’s package is to admit that burdening Australian students with a lifetime of debt was a bad idea from the very beginning. 


The Australian people and the Senate have made it clear that they oppose university cuts and fee deregulation.


The Liberals now need to go back to the drawing board and start again.  


Australian students and families don’t need another Liberal leader and a new Education Minister – they need a change of Government.


Labor remains committed to a fair, sustainable, high quality university system that ensures young Australians get a degree, not a debt sentence.  

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