The Liberals’ Budget has produced a manufacturing fund that does very little for Australian auto workers or manufacturers more broadly.


What the Liberals announced is no more than an uncoordinated grab-bag of measures, none of which are actually geared towards helping auto workers find new jobs.

he closure of our car making industry is a national tragedy and the responsibility lies firmly with the Abbott/Turnbull Government.


A small top-up for a previously oversubscribed and underfunded Growth Fund program in South Australia and Victoria, plus returning a third of funds cut from the CRC program, is small compensation for the loss of an entire advanced manufacturing industry.


History will show that it was the Liberals who actively precipitated the demise of an entire industry that still employs approximately 50,000 people directly and up to 200,000 people indirectly across Australia.


Australia’s automotive supply chain manufacturers are only having to transition beyond automotive contracts because the Abbott/Turnbull Liberals drove Australia’s last remaining motor vehicle producers out of the country.


The Budget still leaves manufacturers in the dark as to the Government’s plans for the R&D Tax Incentive.


The Budget also fails to provide immediate assistance for manufacturers who are under serious pressure as a result of the energy crisis.


If this is the sum total of the Liberals’ response to the manufacturing crisis in Australia, it is manifestly inadequate. 

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