The Department of Industry revealed in Senate Estimates today that the Abbott Government has not taken any action to prevent a highly flammable building material being used in apartment towers.


Following the fire at the Lacrosse apartment tower in Melbourne’s Docklands in November last year, one would think that the Abbott Government, which is responsible for the National Building Code, would have taken action to prevent the cladding product being used in buildings around Australia in situations it is not designed for.

On the contrary, it appears that Tony Abbott and the Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane have done very little.  


The Melbourne Fire Brigade has seen fit to undertake a national roadshow teaching firefighters across Australia how to deal with this highly dangerous cladding.


The nation’s premier science agency, the CSIRO, tested the product and found that the cladding was so flammable that it had to cease testing because it was damaging the equipment.     


This is a matter Ian Macfarlane must act on as a matter of urgency.


After repeated calls from Labor for a meeting of the Building Ministers’ Forum, which brings together Commonwealth and state and territory Building Ministers to discuss issues of national significance, officials said that there is now a meeting scheduled for July.


Labor calls on the Abbott Government to make sure this issue is the first order of business at the July meeting of the Building Ministers’ Forum.


The public have a right to know that the buildings they live in are not death traps.

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