Senator Birmingham is quoted in today's Geelong Advertiser denying the Liberals are continuing with their 20 per cent cuts to universities and $100,000 degrees.  Neither element of this statement is true.

The Turnbull Government will deregulate university fees - their policy paper clearly says so - $100,000 degrees became more of a certainty on budget night, not less.

Further, the Budget shows a shortfall of $3.75 billion over the next four years alone, according to the nation's leading higher education funding expert, Mark Warburton, who was until recently the senior public servant responsible for funding (The Mandarin, 11 May).

There is a yawning chasm between Labor’s positive plan for universities without, and the Liberals’ plan to strip universities of funding and hit students with unfair and unnecessary $100,000 degrees and a lifetime of debt.

Under the Liberals all students will pay more.  Pay more in higher tuition fees.  Pay more in radically higher HECS re-payments.

Only Labor has a plan to properly fund universities over the coming decade and avoid the unfair and unnecessary imposition on students of soaring fees and debt.

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