It has been over 30 days since the Anti-Dumping Commission delivered its final report to the Turnbull Liberals with recommendations on the dumping of A4 copy paper from China, Indonesia, Brazil and Thailand.


According to the Government’s own factsheet the Minister has 30 days after the Anti-Dumping Commission delivers its final report to impose duties.


The Industry Minister Arthur Sinodinos and his Assistant Minister Craig Laundy are now overdue in deciding whether or not to crackdown on dumped foreign paper.


The clock has been ticking and time’s up for the Liberals - yet Australian industry is still none the wiser.


In its preliminary assessments, the Commission already found that Australia’s paper industry has suffered material injury as a result of dumped A4 copy paper.


Australian manufacturers and workers need to know whether these preliminary findings are being upheld and that Australian industry will be able to compete on a level playing field – not be undercut by dumped foreign paper. 

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