Industry and Science Minister Greg Hunt, and reappointed CEO Dr Larry Marshall now have a long road ahead to rebuild CSIRO's international reputation following years of damage and instability.

Dr Marshall has a huge task ahead to turn the organisation around, rebuilding public confidence and repairing staff morale after savage cuts to staff, funding and research programs.

However, today’s announcement of his reappointment will come as cold comfort for the hundreds of CSIRO employees whose jobs have been lost under the Liberals and Dr Marshall’s tenure. 

The Independent Review of CSIRO’s Science Prioritisation and Implementation Process and poor results of the staff survey - both of which were released today - back up what Labor has been saying all along.


There is a serious need for a comprehensive independent review of CSIRO’s corporate culture and management. 


The snapshot review which was undertaken by Ernst and Young makes it clear that the restructure has been badly conceived, managed and implemented.


The Liberals’ reappointment of Dr Marshall comes as staff morale at the organisation hits a record low.  Australia’s premiere science and research organisation has had over one in five staff members sacked over the past four years and had $115 million stripped from its budget.

The CSIRO job losses - which are continuing - will decimate our national research capacity in critical areas like climate science, manufacturing and food security.

These are highly valued skills globally, and the continuing cuts will see Australia’s Brain Drain continue even further.   

Labor stands ready to work with Mr Turnbull and Mr Hunt to find a better way to sustainably fund science and research in the interest of our future national prosperity.


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