The Turnbull Liberals have today admitted that they will need to pass legislation through the parliament in order to pillage the $3.7 billion Education Investment Fund (EIF) which is meant to fund Australian universities, vocational education, and agencies like the CSIRO.

Investment in science and research infrastructure leads to new discoveries, new technologies and new jobs. 

This Liberal Government must stop kicking the can down the road, and live up to its responsibilities by funding education, science and research infrastructure properly.

They have been reviewing, ‘considering’ and playing cheap pea and thimble tricks with the money since early 2014.

The nation needs advanced research, and the conduct of advanced research requires education, science and research infrastructure. The more sophisticated the infrastructure, the greater the potential for breakthrough research.

The fact is that Malcolm Turnbull is willing to give big corporations a $50 billion tax cut while at the same time destroying Australia’s research and innovation future.

This is not about the NDIS. That is just a smokescreen for a cash grab – they just want EIF to prop up their dubious budget bottom line.

They’re not going to boost the NDIS, they’re hoping to just take the money and run. Just like MYEFO says:

“The uncommitted funds intended for the ARF, including those from the BAF and EIF, will instead be credited to the National Disability Insurance Scheme Special Account and used to reduce the Commonwealth’s debt and future borrowing requirements.

MYEFO p. 157

Labor fully funded the NDIS in government through responsible savings, and confirmed by the Commonwealth Treasury.

This Liberal Government needs to properly fund science and research to drive new innovations, industries and jobs.

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