Fewer aspiring doctors and allied health practitioners will have access to clinical training – especially in rural and regional locations – thanks to Malcom Turnbull’s decision to axe the Clinical Training Fund.


The Turnbull Liberal Government’s Mid-Year Economic Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) yesterday confirmed that Australian universities will have $84 million stripped from their budgets with the entire Clinical Training Fund withdrawn.

This goes beyond even Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey’s agenda when it came to cuts to our universities.


This funding was set aside to support universities and ensure there are sufficient training places to meet Australia’s future health workforce needs and students get the clinical training that is so important in their qualification.


Individual universities will now struggle to find the funding needed to support these extra clinical placements, many of which were based out of regional and rural hospitals and healthcare centres.  


Axing the Clinical Training Fund is part of $595 million in cuts to health and aged care training programs announced yesterday as part of MYEFO.


Malcolm Turnbull’s cuts to clinical placements continues Tony Abbott’s ideological agenda to cut $5 billion out of Australian universities. 


This includes the Rural Health Continuing Education Program, the Aged Care Education and Training Initiative, and the Aged Care Vocational Education and Training professional development programs. 


Malcolm Turnbull promised new leadership but has instead continued Tony Abbott’s record of ignoring the experts, hacking away at health and continuing this Government’s ideological pursuit of university deregulation and $100,000 university degrees.

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