Interview 2CC Canberra


SUBJECT/S: Abbott Government’s unfair changes to higher education; submission by University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor; Christopher Pyne’s Ernie award; AFL Grand Final.

CHRIS McLENAGHAN: There’s been plenty of talk about the education reforms or some people would say education destruction that’s going on, depending on your point of view, regarding the education changes being pushed through or attempted to be pushed through the Parliament by Education Minister Christopher Pyne, and of course this is resulting in what will be massive increases in the cost of university degrees, no matter what you’re studying.

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National Party revolts against higher uni fees

The National Party in Western Australia has slammed the Abbott Government’s unfair higher education changes and rejected Christopher Pyne’s claims that regional universities will be the “biggest winners”.

In an extraordinary submission to the Senate Inquiry into the Government’s higher education changes, the National Party says: 

The higher education reform claims to be in the spirit of fairness and equality, giving greater capacity for regional and rural students to access higher education opportunities, but the PNP remains unconvinced.  

– 22 SEPTEMBER 2014 

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Pyne’s porky pies revealed by Uni of Western Australia

Joint release with Amanda Rishworth

Analysis of the University of Western Australia’s 2016 fee schedule reveals the Minister for Education is consistently misleading young Australians when he says students will pay only 50 per cent of the cost of their university education.

In fact, UWA’s recent submission to the Senate Education and Employment Legislation Committee, taken together with the Government’s proposed funding rates for Commonwealth Supported Places from 1 January 2016, reveals students will pay as much as 89.86 per cent of the total cost of their university degree.

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Abbott Government smashing Aussie auto industry jobs

Joint release with Tony Zappia

Legislation introduced in the Parliament today would spell disaster for the 200,000 Australian men and women who rely indirectly on the automotive manufacturing industry for their jobs.

The Abbott Government’s Automotive Transformation Scheme Amendment Bill, if passed, would cut $500 million in funding from the Automotive Transformation Scheme between now and 2017.

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Senate speech, CSIRO

Responses to Senate Resolutions



Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Senator KIM CARR (Victoria) (18:38): I seek leave to take note of the document from Mr Macfarlane in regard to the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

Leave granted.

Senator KIM CARR: I move:

That the Senate take note of the document.

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Sky News, PM Agenda with David Speers 23 September 2014


SUBJECT/S: University deregulation; University of Western Australia announces its fees; $100,000 degrees.

DAVID SPEERS: Back home, one of the other domestic issues being debated in Parliament today was university deregulation, something the Government wants to get through the Senate but is facing obstacles, a big barrier indeed from Labor, the Greens, the Palmer United Party as well. 

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Major university confirms $100,000 degrees on the way

The University of Western Australia has announced it will significantly increase fees if the Abbott Government’s deregulation package goes ahead, with some hitting the $100,000 mark.

UWA will charge $48,000 for a broad-based, three-year undergraduate degree – up to triple the current fee for a student studying courses such as education, nursing and the arts, and double today’s costs for science students.

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Abbott Government’s empty rhetoric on science

The Abbott Government – the only government in the OECD without a science strategy and one of the few without a science minister – continues to misrepresent its commitment to science and research.

Unlike the previous Labor Government, which increased spending on science and research by 43 per cent, the Abbott Government has made massive cuts to science funding.

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Deans of Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities 2014 Conference

18 SEPTEMBER 2014 



I am grateful to the DASSH board for inviting me to speak to you at this time of crisis in higher education in Australia.

I wish to begin by declaring my belief that all who care about maintaining the quality of our universities, and who care about ensuring equitable access to them, should unite in opposing the higher-education changes announced in the Abbott Government’s budget.

I do not accept the narrative peddled in certain quarters that some combination of cuts to public funding, deregulation of fees and increasing the student contribution to the cost of degrees is both desirable and inevitable.

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More Holden jobs go under the Abbott Government

Reports this evening that 300 Holden engineers will lose their jobs by year’s end are an inevitable consequence of the Abbott Government’s decision to close down the automotive industry in Australia.

Our thoughts are with the workers who are losing their jobs as a result of the Abbott Government goading GM Holden to cease manufacturing in Australia.

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