Labor calls on the Turnbull Liberal Government to ensure that the latest allegations of visa fraud in the student visa market are fully investigated.

Australians must be assured that authorities are doing everything they can to effectively regulate the behaviour of rogue immigration agents.

A new report that suggests Australia’s international student visa system has been compromised is deeply disturbing.

The reputation of Australia’s international education industry is at stake – and this is an industry where reputation is everything.

Yet, after two and a half years of dithering, the Abbott/Turnbull Liberals have failed to release their much-vaunted strategy for international education.

If this document is to be more than just a marketing brochure, it needs to outline effective regulation and strategies to deal with these issues.

Today’s report follows a significant increase in visa cancellations in the past two years, after the Abbott/Turnbull Government loosened visa controls by extending streamlined visa processing to a wider range of private providers.

This extension saw the admission of providers that were engaged in sham labour contracting arrangements, placing purported international students as workers for Australia Post, at substandard wages and conditions.

The latest revelation compounds concerns about document fraud raised by Four Corners last year and shocking revelations of exploitation of international students by 7-Eleven.

These are serious matters and the Government must treat it seriously.

Unfortunately, on this matter, as on so many others, the Turnbull Liberals are more spin than substance.

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