Australian universities are to be congratulated for heeding calls to take firm action on allegations of cheating and plagiarism, raised earlier this year by articles in the Fairfax press.


Today’s report on actions being taken by the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales join earlier actions of other universities like Macquarie University that have withdrawn qualifications based on these revelations.

In higher education, integrity and quality are everything.


A university degree is not a right, it is something that needs to be earned.


Business, the community and students have every right to be confident that a qualification means what it says.


This is not just a philosophical issue, in some professions it could be a matter of life and death.


And Australia’s $18 billion international education endeavour depends upon it.


Continuous improvement in teaching and learning, including academic honesty, is essential to maintain standards.


The Government’s rash decision to cut and outsource the Office of Learning and Teaching is deeply concerning in this context.


Labor congratulates our public universities for taking strong, decisive action to protect the quality and reputation our higher education sector. 

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