Senator Kim Carr and Sharon Bird today welcomed the Auditor-General’s response to their request for an investigation into VET FEE-HELP to ensure that skills funding is being used in accordance with the intention of the legislation.


“Labor wrote to the Auditor-General in November last year following a significant number of media, industry and ASQA reports on unscrupulous behaviour and the misuse of VET FEE-HELP in the VET Sector last year,” Sharon Bird said. 

“We have received advice today that the Auditor-General has requested that a performance audit of VET FEE-HELP be included in the Australian National Audit Office’s (ANAO) 2015-2016 work program.


“It is imperative that taxpayer funds are spent on quality training and that students are not incurring debts for poor-quality or unsuitable courses.”


Senator Carr said young Australians needed to be able to trust that student assistance schemes would operate in their best interests.


“Quality and equity must always be the overriding concerns,” he said.


”VET FEE-HELP should be not a pot of money that dodgy operators use to lure and exploit our youth.”


Labor believes that skills funding should be invested in training and skilling Australian workers for a lifetime in the modern workforce and any reports of funding misuse need to be fully investigated and unscrupulous behaviour stopped.

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