Labor says no to the Abbott Government’s $100,000 degrees

Today saw the introduction into Parliament of the Abbott Government’s higher education legislation paving the way for $100,000 degrees and the Americanisation of our universities.

Significantly, exactly one year ago today, the Prime Minister promised Australians:

“No cuts to education.”


The legislation introduced today gives the absolute lie to that promise – far from “no cuts to education”, the Abbott Government is slashing a massive $5.8 billion from the higher education sector.

These cuts, together with fee deregulation and other changes in the legislation, if passed, could see a doubling and tripling of the cost of a university degree.

This unfair and immoral package will destroy the dream of a university education for many young Australians and their families.

It will impose crippling debts on students, particularly for those who take time out from paid employment to raise a family, and on low and middle incomes.

This is an ill-considered, rushed package that the public never voted for.

It is a complete breach of the commitments the Prime Minister gave before the election.

Labor will fight this package in its entirety.

It is fundamentally unfair.

It goes against the notion of a fair go and imposes a debt sentence on young Australians.

The Labor Party will fight it every inch of the way.

We will fight it in the House of Representatives and we will fight it in the Senate. 


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