In May 2017, Labor led the way by announcing that in Government we would establish a four year SMART visa for the best and brightest overseas talent in Science, Medicine, Academia, Research and Technology.

Labor’s new SMART visa would mean the best and brightest talent from around the world would have the opportunity to develop their ideas in Australia – with a pathway to permanent residency for educators, innovators and researchers of a global standing.

Now, over ten months later, Turnbull and his conservatives are playing catch up and following Labor’s lead by announcing a “Global Talent Scheme Pilot”.

Turnbull’s scheme is only a pilot and, by the Government’s own admission, they haven’t finalised the details of the pilot including the number of visas set to be made available or which specific jobs they’ll be available for.

This was how the conservatives botched their skilled immigration policy in the first place – by rushing to make an announcement and failing to consult the industries that would be impacted, with reports department officials described the changes as a “dog’s breakfast.”

The Turnbull Government’s track record is in botching changes to temporary skilled migration and proving they can’t be trusted with Australian jobs.

Only Labor will ensure Australia remains a world-leader with medical, scientific research, and high tech industries having access to the very best minds from around the world.


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