The Senate Economics References Committee has tabled its interim report on Australia’s innovation system, which highlights the importance of science, research and innovation in creating the jobs and industries of the future.

The interim report includes a comprehensive issues paper by Professor Roy Green, who was engaged by the committee as an expert consultant for the purposes of this wide-ranging inquiry.

Professor Green’s issues paper summarises the key issues and emerging trends identified in the 181 submission received to date – identifying the impediments to innovation in building a productive and competitive economy.

It is an important contribution to the national debate and will help define a much needed long-term strategy for science and innovation, backed by a sustainable funding model and the infrastructure to support it.

Jobs and investment follow from science and innovation. We know that the most competitive companies, the most efficient economies and the most resilient societies are those which harness new knowledge the best.

The science race, the race for the jobs of the future, the race to the top has begun and Australia can’t afford to be stuck on the blocks.

The committee will hold its next public hearing in Perth on Monday 24 August 2015.

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