Two critical Government reviews - into the R&D Tax Incentive and Research Infrastructure - remain missing in action, despite both having been completed and sitting on various Minsters’ desks for months.    


The Turnbull Government commissioned a review of the R&D Tax Incentive last year, supposedly to identify ways to improve the scheme’s effectiveness. 

The findings of this review have been hidden from public view.

Similarly, the Research Infrastructure Review report was commissioned in 2014 and due to be released over a year ago. Embarrassingly, the Department website still declares that it is due in “mid-2015.” 

It is widely known that Philip Clark’s distinguished Review panel has done its work diligently and delivered the report on time.

Science week is the perfect opportunity to finally make both reports public: the science and research sector and the business  community made their contributions in good faith. 

They urgently need to know the review recommendations and the Government’s response.


Malcolm Turnbull likes to talk about innovation, but what he means by innovation has never been completely clear – even after he announced a National Science and Innovation Agenda with a whopping $28 million in taxpayer funded advertising. 

NISA returned only $1 billion from the whopping $3 billion the Abbott-Turnbull Government stripped from science, research and innovation - and in policy terms it is innovation-lite.

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