Further job losses at CSIRO

The news of further job losses at CSIRO, and the possible cessation of funding to the Parkes and Narrabri radio telescope facilities, is deeply concerning, Shadow Minister for Research Senator Kim Carr said today.

Senator Carr said the Abbott Government’s $115 million budget cut to CSIRO was biting hard and would have severe repercussions on CSIRO’s ability to continue its work in some areas.

“This week we hear distressing news that 12 astronomy and space science research staff have been offered redundancies because of the cuts,” Senator Carr said.

“We have also learned that two renowned, long-standing fellowships – the Bolton Fellowship for young space scientists and the Australis Fellowship – are being suspended.

“The uncertainty over the Parkes and Narrabri facilities is also worrying, as is the revelation that CSIRO will not appoint a Chief Scientist to the international Square Kilometre Array.

“This Government is presiding over the loss of 700 CSIRO jobs, the largest in the agency’s history.

“Clearly, it has little understanding or concern about the effects of its short-sighted budget cuts.

“But this is a Government that has repeatedly shown it cares little for science and technology.

“The fact that Australia is one of the very few developed countries in the world that has no science minister and no national plan for science and technology clearly demonstrates that.”

FRIDAY, 25 JULY 2014

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