Turnbull should adopt Labor's plan to safeguard local jobs against the threat of trade cheats dumping below-cost steel, aluminium and other goods in Australia. 

Labor welcomes the Trade Minister's confirmation today that Australia is permanently exempt from US steel tariffs.

But the real threat to Australian jobs is cheap foreign goods being dumped in our local market. 


Dumping is cheating.

That’s why Turnbull should back Labor’s plan to toughen the Anti-Dumping Commission to safeguard Australian jobs.

Labor’s plan will triple penalties for circumventing anti-dumping measures and increase funding to the Anti-Dumping Commission by $3.5 million a year to fund an extra 30 investigators. It will also transfer responsibility for safeguards investigations to the Anti-Dumping Commission, ensuring adequate and timely responses to any substantial influx of dumped goods.  

Industry and the Anti-Dumping Commissioner agree this should happen.

Turnbull should get on with it, implement Labor's plan and safeguard Australian jobs. 

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