Devastating cuts to CSIRO in Hobart

The Abbott Government’s savage funding cuts to CSIRO are taking their toll with news today of 18 marine and atmospheric research positions to go from Hobart’s Marine and Atmospheric Research (CMAR) division.

Shadow Minister for Research Senator Kim Carr said this was another tragic blow to CSIRO and to Australia’s standing as a leader in this field of research. 

“CSIRO is our premier scientific research organisation, with an international reputation, but it is in the process of being gutted by a government which has no science minister, no science policy and no understanding of the benefits of scientific research,” Senator Carr said.

“The Abbott Government has slashed $111.4 million from CSIRO’s budget with an expected loss of 500 jobs.

“Now 18 scientists in one division are to go, a devastating blow to Australia’s excellent climate, marine and atmospheric research program.

“It’s clear the Abbott Government has climate change science in its sights and this is just another example of how out of touch it is with the rest of the world.”

Shadow Minister for Regional Development and Local Government, Julie Collins, said she was very concerned about the job losses and how they would impact on the Tasmanian economy.

“Antarctic and Southern Ocean research is a large focus of CSIRO’s work in Tasmania and the sector as a whole generates around $200 million a year of economic activity,” Ms Collins said.

“Not only are there economic consequences for the state but these job cuts will no doubt undermine Tasmania’s reputation as the ‘Gateway to Antarctica’.”


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