Cuts hit CSIRO climate research

Climate, marine and atmospheric research has taken a hit with 28 full-time scientists to lose their jobs as a result of the Abbott Government’s savage funding cuts to CSIRO.

CSIRO has told staff a total of 31 jobs will go, including 18 research scientists from Hobart’s Marine and Atmospheric Research (CMAR) division and eight from the Aspendale Laboratory for climate and atmospheric research in Melbourne. 

“It’s clear the Abbott Government has climate change science in its sights and this is just another example of how out of touch it is with the rest of the world,” Shadow Minister for Research Senator Kim Carr said today.

“CSIRO is now being squeezed from two sides on climate change research.

“On the one hand the Abbott Government’s Budget cut of $11.4 million has forced CSIRO to slash climate and marine biodiversity research, while on the other hand CSIRO is a victim of the Government’s $20 million cut to a separate climate change program.

“The reduction in our climate and marine biodiversity research capability shows how out of step we are with the international push to tackle climate change – as Tony Abbott has been demonstrating on his trip to the United States.

“This from a Prime Minister who has no science minister, no science policy, no understanding of the benefits of scientific research, and no qualms about cutting funding to universities for science courses or gutting our premier scientific research organisation.

“This short-sighted, ill-considered cost-cutting of CSIRO and climate research is detrimental for our economy, our standing internationally and our future well-being down the track.”


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