Immigration Senate Estimates has seen nothing but buck passing and denial from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection in response to industry led concerns about the Turnbull Government’s recent 457 policy announcement.

The Turnbull Government is all over the place on temporary skilled migration and is already walking away from their 457 “crackdown” and looking to add jobs to the skilled migration visa list as part of a review.

The Government claims they consulted with the Ministerial Advisory Council for Skilled Migration (MASCM) but this has been disputed by a member of that committee who later resigned over the lack on consultation.


“The Government’s replacement of the 457 visa system was not discussed with MACSM.”

 Ged Kearney, Former MACSM member, ACTU Press Release

Immigration Minister Peter Dutton rushed his temporary skilled migration announcement, didn’t undertake appropriate consultation and has been besieged by industry unintended impacts- especially in the scientific and research sector.

Even frontbench Ministers have been pointing out their own Government’s shortfalls.


"The list will be updated on 1 July and thereafter twice annually, to ensure it reflects genuine skills gaps and to address any unintended consequences."

Communications Minister Mitch Fifield

Australian Financial Review 17 May 2017

In Senate Estimates, department officials confirmed flaws with the policy. 

“There have been consequences we need to work through…”

Secretary Pezzullo

Senate Estimates 23 May 2017

Labor wants Australia to remain a world-leader in medical and scientific research, as well as the high-tech industry, by ensuring very best minds from around the world have the opportunity to develop their ideas in Australia.

Only Labor’s proposed SMART visa will ensure educators, innovators and researchers of global standing in Science, Medicine, Academia, Research and Technology can apply for a new four-year visa with a pathway to permanent residency.

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