Today’s revelations that Arrium workers' hours are being slashed are a condemnation of the Turnbull Government's unwillingness to back Australian steel production.

Arrium has been facing unprecedented pressure as a result of steel being dumped in the Australian market at artificially low prices. 

Labor has been calling on the Turnbull Government to take action to support Australian steel manufacturing for well over a year, with Bill Shorten writing to Malcolm Turnbull first in October 2015 and then again in February 2016. 


Yet the Turnbull Government failed to take any action until the lead up to the Federal Election, when the Government was running scared of electoral backlash in South Australia and the situation in Whyalla had reached crisis point. 

In contrast Labor has consistently demonstrated a commitment to the Australia steel industry, including taking a plan for local metals manufacturing and jobs to the last election.

Yesterday Bill Shorten reaffirmed Labor’s commitment to fighting for Australian jobs and industry.

In 2017 Labor will be focused on building Australian first, making Australian first and employing Australians first. 

The Turnbull Government must act to stem the tide of cheap dumped steel arriving in Australia that is undermining Australian industry, and focus on finding replacements for the 50,000 full time jobs that were lost under the this Government's watch in 2016.


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