The Liberals are set to cook the books in next week’s budget by claiming savings from their unfair cuts despite them being voted down by the Parliament – not once, but twice.


The Abbott Government is so hell-bent on its unfair plan for $100,000 degrees that it is continuing to include a 20 per cent funding cut to universities in next week’s budget.



This cut is a clear broken promise from a Prime Minister who said there would be “no cuts to education”.

Yet, in another attempt by this dishonest and incompetent government to cook the books, we’re told the cut will remain in next week’s budget, even though it has now been voted down twice in the Senate.

While pushing for his 20 per cent funding cut, Christopher Pyne has also been withholding $129 million in funding under legislation he has not even put to a vote in the Senate, because he knows it would be defeated.

That money should have been returned to universities when the Minister decided not to seek a vote in the last session of Parliament, but this mean and tricky government is once again waiting until the last possible moment to do the right thing.  

Having had their plan to Americanise Australian universities voted down twice, it is time for the Abbott Government to go back to the drawing board and come up with a positive policy for the future of Australian higher education.

Instead, all we are seeing is another chaotic attempt by this Prime Minister to try and save his own job with a budget which is all about his future and nothing about the future of Australian students.

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