This afternoon the Minister for Education, Simon Birmingham confirmed once again that  massive cuts to university funding and $100,000 degrees are and have always been the policy of the Abbott/Turnbull Liberals.

Being interviewed on Sky News, the Minister made it clear that the Government intends to pursue $12 billion in cuts to universities over the next ten years:

“We still certainly want to find savings in higher education.”


Labor has said all along that this Government remains determined to cut funding and deregulate university fees.

The policy is in MYEFO budget papers in December, the Minster and Department of Education officials have confirmed  in Senate Estimates in October and in February that it is still Government policy.

This is a government that is so out of touch that it thinks that cutting funding to universities and forcing students and their families to pay more in fees is “reform”.

“Whether they pay closer to 50% of the cost of their degree rather than 40% is up for discussion”


Only Labor will stop the university cuts and $100,000 degrees.

Labor has been outlining its positive plan for higher education since September, a plan which will:

  1. Introduce a new Student Funding Guarantee, which will deliver $2,500 more per student than the Liberals, and remove the need for higher fees and a lifetime of debt.
  2. Increase the number of students completing their study by 20,000 graduates a year from 2020.
  3. Invest $31 million in Tertiary Education Quality Standards Agency to boost the quality of teaching and resources in our universities.
  4. Establish an independent Higher Education Productivity and Performance Commission to ensure graduates meet the needs of the future economy.
  5. Offer a Startup Year at university to young Australians looking to start their own enterprise.
  6. Boost the number of young Australians taking up STEM courses at university as well as offering 25,000 Teach STEM Scholarships and upskilling 25,000 teachers.
  7. Deliver more information for parents and students so they can make good decisions about university.

Unlike the Liberals, Labor’s clear plan will invest in every student to ensure more Australians graduate with the skills and knowledge they need for the jobs of the future.

Only Labor is committed to investing in higher education to create and sustain the jobs of the future.

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