It has been 21 days since the Anti-Dumping Commission delivered its final report to the Turnbull Liberals with recommendations on the dumping of A4 copy paper from China, Indonesia, Brazil and Thailand.

The report is yet to be released and industry are still waiting on tenterhooks for the Government to respond to the Commission’s recommendations. 

In its preliminary assessments, the Commission had already found that Australia’s paper industry has suffered material injury as a result of dumped A4 copy paper.

Australian manufacturers and workers need to know whether these preliminary findings are being upheld and that Australian industry will be able to compete on a level playing field – not be undercut by dumped foreign paper. 

Australia is a world class manufacturer of paper and an industry leader in environmental standards and recycling.

The industry generates almost $1 billion per annum in economic benefits and supports over 6,000 jobs. It is a major employer in Victoria’s Latrobe Valley.   

Labor calls on the Turnbull Liberals to stop papering over the threat to Australian jobs from cheap imports and start standing up for Australian industry. 

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