Another humiliating defeat for Tony Abbott's unfair Budget

Joint media release with the Hon Bill Shorten MP

The Senate’s rejection of Tony Abbott’s plans for $100,000 university degrees is another humiliating defeat for Tony Abbott and his unfair Budget.

Labor has joined with students and families in the fight against Tony Abbott’s unfair changes to higher education – and we’ve won this round.

This is a sweet victory for everyone who has fought Tony Abbott’s plans for $100,000 degrees – but it is not over yet.

The Abbott Government has made it clear that they will continue to try to push through plans to deregulate university fees, rip billions out of our universities and saddle students with a lifetime of debt.

Labor will never support plans to stop low and middle income Australians from having the opportunity of attending university – we will never stop fighting Tony Abbott’s and his plans to Americanise our universities.

Labor believes going to university should depend on hard work and good marks, not your parents’ bank account.

Young Australians, no matter their background, should get the opportunity to go to university, get a great job and contribute to our nation.  It speaks volumes of this Prime Minister’s priorities that he wants to saddle young Australians with a crippling debt sentence for life.

Education is essential to opportunity in Australia and our economic growth in the future – and Labor will always fight for it.


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