The release today of the Abbott/ Turnbull Government’s VET FEE-HELP discussion paper offers no solution to stop the unprecedented waste of taxpayers’ money occurring in the VET sector.


Instead, the Liberals have decided to waste more taxpayer funds while they continue to state the obvious. Taxpayer money is being wasted with students being ripped off and left with huge debts and either little, or poor quality, training.

The discussion paper provides nothing new. In fact it recommends many of the amendments which Labor moved to implement in late 2015, which included:         


·        A cap on course fees

·        A lower cap on VET FEE-HELP loans

·        A ban or restriction on the use of brokers

·        A VET Ombudsman

·        Ensuring loan applications for students would be handled by the Department of Education and Training rather than a private college or broker.

Instead of listening to Labor, the evidence from the Senate inquiry and the countless media reports, the Liberals voted down many of the suggestions that are now listed for consideration in this report.


They have talked a lot about the massive increase in fees, yet ignored Labor’s sensible proposal to break the business model relied upon by the shonky providers by implementing a cap on fees for courses utilising VET FEE-HELP – as is the case for universities.


It is clear that Minister Scott Ryan and Liberals have just been going around in circles since December wasting precious time and taxpayers’ money as the amount of student debt continues to grow. 


The report fails to acknowledge that there has been an election called for 2 July and any action needs to be taken before the Government enters the caretaker period.   

Just how much of taxpayers’ money needs to be wasted before the Abbott/Turnbull Liberals decide to turn off the tap and stop the shonks? 

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