If next week’s Budget was about what is right for the future, Tony Abbott would be abandoning his reckless plan to Americanise Australian higher education.

But the Budget is not about what’s best for the future under the Liberals – it is all about saving Tony Abbott’s job.

In fact, this Budget will prove that Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne are as determined as ever to Americanise Australia’s higher education system, at any cost.

Before the last election Tony Abbott promised ‘masterly inactivity’ on university policy and ‘no cuts to education’.

One year later, the Abbott Government’s dishonesty and incompetence is still hurting Australian students, Australian universities and the Australian economy.

Last year’s Budget sought to cut university funding by 20 per cent and introduce the most wide-ranging changes to Australia’s higher education system in a generation.

Despite his legislation being defeated twice in the Senate, Christopher Pyne is continuing to try to foist the Liberals’ unfair and unnecessary changes on Australian students and their families.

Christopher Pyne has said he plans to introduce his higher education legislation for a third time – and that he’ll continue to include the 20 per cent cut to universities in the Budget.

Those changes include unfettered fee deregulation that would lead to $100,000 degrees and a massive blow-out in unpaid HECS debt.

Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne are just not listening to the Australian people, who have told them loud and clear that this is not the future they want for Australian higher education.                               

Tony Abbott promised to make things better – but the Australian people know that his plan to burden students with $100,000 degrees and a lifetime of debt can only make life worse.

Why should ordinary Australians continue to be threatened with $100,000 degrees, just so that Tony Abbott can avoid another embarrassing backflip?

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