Abbott Govt continues vendetta against Australian auto workers

The Abbott Government needs to explain why it ditched the Australian car maker GM Holden in favour of a German company when it awarded BMW a $6.2 million contract for armoured VIP limousines.

The Government’s claim that Holden failed to bid for the contract for the protected vehicles is incorrect.

Not only did Holden, in partnership with BAE Systems Australia, bid for the contract to replace the government VIP fleet, but the Secretary of the Attorney-General’s Department approved the selection of the BAE-Holden consortium as the preferred tenderer.

BMW was not on the short list, which included three other tenderers.

The Department recommended the Government purchase nine specially modified Caprice Holdens to replace its ageing fleet used for high office holders and visiting dignitaries, and hoped to finalise the contract before 31 March 2012.

Contracts were about to be signed before Labor lost office and the Government has yet to explain why it overturned the decision.

Today's News Corp report is correct in saying the Prime Minister snubbed Holden to buy the BMW vehicles – there is simply no other reason for overturning the Department's recommendation.

What should have been a significant investment in Australian manufacturing and jobs will now head offshore.

There has been no satisfactory explanation given, and it appears to be part of a vendetta again GM Holden.

The Government that has done all that it can to destroy Australian auto manufacturing.

This announcement follows on the heels of the Productivity Commission’s report, which has been widely condemned within Australian manufacturing circles.

The only thing this Government is good at is exporting Australian jobs.


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