A panic-stricken Prime Minister today confirmed that there will be no support for Australian manufacturing firms under strain from the high cost of energy until next year.

The Liberals’ policy paralysis on energy is putting jobs at risk across Australia

Malcolm Turnbull’s cups of tea with the energy CEOs has produced little relief for manufacturers, who are paying the price for his Government’s inaction.

Some firms have already had to make the hard decision and lay off staff.

Turnbull today conceded that the Liberals were late to the table on the energy crisis that is threatening the viability of many Australian businesses. 

“Well, we are getting on to the job now”

Malcolm Turnbull, Press Conference, 24 Aug 2017 

 The Liberals true attitude to manufacturing is shown by the way they goaded the automotive manufacturers to leave the country.

The approaching shutdown of car making in Australia is a national tragedy, and the responsibility for it lies firmly with the Liberal Government.

The shutdown will create a $29 billion annual hole in GDP and put 200,000 jobs at risk across the economy.

The Prime Minister’s performance today has again shown that the Liberal Government is manifestly incapable of responding to the manufacturing and energy crisis that is threatening the livelihoods of Australians.

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