After two years, Tony Abbott remains wedded to his unfair and unnecessary plan for $100,000 degrees.

This is despite promising no cuts to education and no increase to university fees. In fact Tony Abbott promised masterly inactivity in higher education before the last election:

 “I want to give people this absolute assurance, no cuts to education …”



After the election, Education Minister Christopher Pyne confirmed that the Abbott Government would not hike fees for university students: 

"We promised that we wouldn't and Tony Abbott made it very clear before the election that we would keep our promises.”

PYNE - SKY AUSTRALIAN AGENDA - 17 November 2013 

 Yet, within months, the Abbott Government had announced a 20 per cent funding cut and university fee deregulation policy that will inevitably lead to $100,000 degrees and burden young Australians with a lifetime of debt.

 If there’s one area of investment that will strengthen Australia’s economy, it’s our world-class universities.

As Tony Abbott and Christopher Pyne try for a third time to cut more than $5 billion in funding to Australian universities, it’s clear they lied to the Australian people.

Yet Christopher Pyne says he will continue to reprise Tony Abbott’s broken promises by bringing his defunct package back to the Parliament in the next few weeks. 

The Australian people and the Senate have made it clear that they oppose university cuts and deregulation. 

Labor will continue to fight Tony Abbott’s plan to Americanise our higher education system and introduce $100,000 degrees.

Only Labor is committed to a fair, sustainable, high quality university system that ensures young Australians get a degree, not a debt sentence.  

After two years of Tony, Australian universities and Australian students are paying the price for this government’s ideological agenda in higher education.

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