For two years Tony Abbott and his cronies have been driving advanced manufacturing jobs in the automotive and shipbuilding industries offshore.

 Before the election, Tony Abbott promised: 

 “I want to see car-making survive in this country, not just survive but flourish.”

 Tony Abbott - Press Conference, Brisbane - 21 August 2013


After the election, the Abbott Government played an appalling game of brinkmanship with auto workers and their families, taunting GM Holden to cease manufacturing: 


“We are not running down the street chasing an individual car maker with a blank cheque made out by the Australian taxpayer.”


Joe Hockey - Doorstop Melbourne - 30 October 2013

“..if I was running a business and I was committed to that business in Australia, I would not be saying that I have not made any decision about Australia. Either you are here or you are not.”

Joe Hockey - Question Time - 10 December 2013

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey’s reckless anti-automotive campaign led to first Holden and then Toyota announcing that the companies will cease manufacturing in Australia in 2017.

Economic modelling suggests that this will lead to the loss of up to 200,000 jobs and a $29 billion hit to the economy.


Never in our history have we seen such hostility to a significant employer and investor in Australia. Never have we seen such as a concerted attempt to turn away new investment.

Since wreaking devastation throughout the automotive industry, Tony Abbott has been treating Australia’s shipbuilding industry like a political plaything.

Before the election his Defence spokesman Senator David Johnston made a clear commitment to the Australian people:

"We will deliver those submarines from right here at ASC in South Australia. The Coalition today is committed to building 12 new submarines here in Adelaide."

Senator David Johnston - Press Conference - 8 May 2013

But after two years, Tony Abbott still refuses to honour his government’s promise to build the Future Submarines in Australia.


To date, over 1000 jobs have been lost from Australia's strategically vital shipbuilding industry on Tony Abbott’s watch – and thousands more jobs are at risk.

Tony Abbott cannot shy away from his responsibility to the Australian people to attract investment that will result in new jobs being created.

If Australia is to remain competitive we need a government that invests in the industries that sustain high-tech, high-wage jobs.

Labor will fight to keep high-skilled, high-wage jobs in Australia and hold Tony Abbott to account for his callous approach to the future of manufacturing and innovation in this country.

After two years of Tony, advanced manufacturing industries and skilled Australians are paying the price for this government’s disregard and lies.

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