The comments made by Liberal MP Nicole Flint show just how out of touch Turnbull’s Liberals are when it comes to automotive manufacturing and the workers the industry sustained.

The Member for Boothby told parliament last night in a speech about the Holden closure that Labor and the unions had;

“left Australia with the most globally uncompetitive wages in the world and have effectively priced Australian workers out of the market. The most generous salaries and terms of conditions of employment are worth absolutely nothing if you don’t have a job.’’

Nicole Flint MP, Federation Chamber 23/10/17


The Liberals once again seek to shift the blame for the closures onto the workers. They forget the cost reduction agreements that were reached between Holden, its workers and their unions, which saw a $20 million reduction per year in the running of the plant. They also forget the much higher labour costs in other successful car making countries like Germany.

Holden did not end local manufacturing because of its workers; it did so because of the actions of the Liberal Government which cut agreed support for this critical industry.

The closures did not occur because the industry was unviable.  

In 2013 Toyota was a highly profitable company, with a well-developed export market; Holden had proposals to build two new models in Australia.  Holden had just introduced a new line to produce the Cruze in Elizabeth, while Toyota had built a new plant to produce hybrid engines in Altona.


The Liberals are desperate to hide their responsibility for this act of economic vandalism.

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