I'm a Labor Senator for Victoria, standing up for all Victorians. I'm also a member of the Shadow Cabinet as the Shadow Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research. 

Feel free to contact my office about any relevant issues on (03) 9639 2798.

Senator Kim Carr

Innovation policy is not just about the latest trends. It is about the future of Australia – for all of us.

It is also not just about backing a great idea or promoting the next cool initiative. It is about applying a thoughtful, integrated systems approach, fostering an environment where great ideas and cool initiatives thrive every day.

That’s the approach Labor took in government with our 10-year national innovation agenda, Powering Ideas. And it is still our approach today.

For Labor, innovation policy applies not just to a small section of the economy, but to every enterprise. It applies not just to industry, but to universities and TAFEs, research institutes, the public service and the community sector.

At the centre of our policy is a commitment to Australia as a science nation, as an entrepreneurial nation and an advanced manufacturing nation. These are different facets of the same initiative, directed at the same objective – our future national prosperity.

This philosophy is championed at the very top, by Labor’s leader Bill Shorten.

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    SUNDAY 8 JULY 2018

    SUBJECTS: Political Retirements, The Senate, By-Elections.

    GREG JENNETT: With the retirements that we know about already the ranks of Labor MPs with actual experience in Government are clearly shrinking, Kim Carr will soon be the longest serving member of the Senate and he has seen a lot of turnover in the upper house in recent years and he reckons too much for the Senate’s own good.

    Kim Carr welcome to National Wrap. A bits happened this week in your own party in particular.  We have seen Jenny Macklin announce her intention to leave at the next election, Michael Danby too. This is significant turn over and a reminder perhaps for political mortality for all of you.

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