I'm a Labor Senator for Victoria, standing up for all Victorians. 

Feel free to contact my office about any relevant issues on (03) 9639 2798.

Senator Kim Carr

I have been a Labor Senator representing Victoria for close to three decades. 

I am the longest serving member of the Australian Senate.

In that time I have been a Minister and Shadow Minister in the areas as diverse as economic, higher education, indigenous affairs, human services and defence policy. 

There is a common thread that joins all these areas – innovation policy. 

Innovation policy is not just about the latest trends. It is about the future of Australia – for all of us.

Nor is it just a matter of backing great ideas or promoting the next cool initiative. It is about applying a thoughtful, integrated systems approach to everything we do, fostering an environment in which great ideas and initiatives will thrive.

For Labor, innovation policy applies not just to a small section of the economy, but to every enterprise and town. It applies not just to industry, but to universities and TAFEs, research institutes, the public service and the community sector.

At the centre of our policy is a commitment to Australia as a science nation, an entrepreneurial nation and an advanced manufacturing nation. These are different facets of the same initiative, directed at the same objective – our future national prosperity.

As a Senator for Victoria I will work with industry, unions and researchers to develop a 21st century industrial structure that will ensure prosperity for all Australians.


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    Don’t let democracy die

    It may sound too obvious to need stating, but in this time of crisis some of Australia’s leaders are ignoring it: without Parliament, parliamentary democracy cannot function.

    It is Parliament that scrutinises and evaluates the actions of the executive government, holding the Government to account and protecting the liberties of citizens.

    That is why the Senate’s Scrutiny of Delegated Legislation committee, which reviews all laws made by regulation – i.e. by action of the executive government – has resolved to continue its work during this time when sittings of Parliament may be suspended for an extended period of time.

    Throughout the history of the Commonwealth – until now – Parliament continued to sit, no matter what crisis confronted the nation, whether war, natural disaster or social and economic calamity.

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